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Our Vision

Enabling our merchants globally to gain the sales and market share their products deserve.


What We Offer

Regular team events, kicker tournaments, and a weekly team lunch.
A top of the market compensation package.
Exciting training opportunities.
Flexible working hours and room for initiative and responsibility.
Highly qualified team and experienced founders.
Our office is placed in the center of Berlin.
A health package including height-adjustable tables, daylight lamps, gymnastic balls and balance boards
A holiday feeling since everything is all-inclusive (fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee etc.).
The opportunity to shape the lending revolution.

Job Offers

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Jobs FAQ

Here you will hopefully find an answer to your most pressing question(s)!

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    How should I apply?

    Just apply via our job application form or send your CV to No need to write a massive cover letter praising us or yourself, essentially stating the obvious – you’re awesome, we try to be as well.

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    How does the recruitment process work?

    Generally speaking, the recruitment process should run along the following lines: We will have a short call in which you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Should you as well as us feel that it makes sense to take your application further, you will be asked to complete a short online assessment (nothing to freak out about). The next step would be an interview during which we can get to know each other personally. A final step would be a call with one or two references you provide (former colleagues/ superiors).

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    Does Myos offer internships?

    We do, all year round. Feel free to apply if you would like to get first hand experience of how to build a sustainable business in a fun environment. It would be good if you have completed at least 2 semesters of studies or a vocational training (Ausbildung).

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    Do you offer part-time positions?

    We sure do. Unless explicitly stated in the description that the job requires full-time commitment, we can discuss part-time for any job listed (save for internships).

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    What working hours should I expect?

    We work output-oriented. We will agree on goals. How you reach them is up to you. We guess it is fair that we may need to review the goals if you get your work done in 2 hours everyday. However, we would equally need to review them in case you constantly have to burn midnight oil.

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    Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

    We unfortunately receive too many applications to reply to every single one of them. This is something we do regret, but we have not found a better way to deal with it so far. However, once we reach out to you we will be very transparent about the state of affairs along the process.

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    How can I stand out?

    Just by the things you have done. Do not try to be fancy or extra attention grabbing. That is not going to help you. To the contrary. Just be yourself. If it fits, it fits. If it does not, it does not. This should not be the end of the world.

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    Can I work from home?

    Occasionally. At our stage we feel we still have too much coordination to do between teams and functions that requires ad-hoc meetings and things alike. So a full-time remote position is not what we offer at this stage. However, if you occasionally need to work remotely because you for instance need to get something repaired in your flat, that should be ok.

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    Is there a dress code?

    No, there is not. You will frequently see one of the founders wearing a shirt and another wearing a t-shirt. Both is equally fine for us and we are happy for everyone to introduce his or her style. Within reason that is. Not sure everybody would want to handle the sight of a mankini for instance.

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    Can I bring my pet?

    In principle yes. However, it will need to get along with other pets in the office and should be able to entertain itself while you are working.

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    Whom do I contact if I did not find the answer to my question?

    Please drop us an email to and we hope we can answer your question.